Waddell Electrical Mechanics


Passion & Experience.


Don Waddell of Bend Oregon founded Waddell Electric in 1949. Its main function was to supply and repair electric motors for commercial, industrial and resident customer needs. 

In 1973, Gary Wilde purchased Waddell from Don and continued the well-known business with the addition of machine shop services, pump repair, gearbox rebuilding and vertical hollow shaft motor repair. Submersible well pump motors and pumps were also added. The business grew and was successful.

 In 1982, Gary sold the business to Dick Frank of Twin Falls Idaho. Dick took the business to a new level. Waddell now enjoyed a larger customer base including such customers as Snow Mt. Pine in Burns, Dane Moldings in Fruitland Idaho, DAW saw and plywood mills, Malheur Lumber in John Day and Green Veinier in Idana Oregon. 

Dick continues business until 2005, when he sold to Steve Sprague of Bend Oregon. Steve and Becky Sprague have combined the business of Electrical Mechanics with Waddell Electric to become Waddell Electrical Mechanics. Steve has brought the business to a higher level of quality and precision work. 

Waddell offers custom-built electric motors specialized applications manufactured in-house. 

Waddell Electrical Mechanics is proud to be serving our customers from the same location for 45 years and serving our community for nearly 70 years.





Steve Sprague

Steve brings 40 years of certified electrical apparatus service experience. He is the President of Waddell as well as a master winder, machinist, and super precision technician.



Secretary Treasurer / Vice-President

Becky Sprague

Becky is the Secretary Treasurer who brings personal sales service to all customers when calling or coming to the shop. 



Junior Partner

Grant Sessler

Grant is a junior partner who brings irrigation pump repair, pump rebuilding of sewage handling and municipal water applications to the company. 



Master Motor Tech

Bill Ziegler

Bill brings 40+ years expert single phase repair and generator rebuilding to the company.



Route Delivery Associate 

Donald Hilton

Pickup and delivery of motors, pumps, gear boxes on scheduled route in Central Oregon.



Company Therapist


Besides cheering up the crew, Kelly brings her unique skillset of squirrel hunting, long naps, and wet kisses to the company.