Waddell Electrical Mechanics


Waddell is a full-service motor shop.

Our mad scientists specialize in:


Spindle Motor Repair

Spindle motor and belt drive spindle repair. This is our speciality — we rebuild, manufacture shafting, quills and any parts not available from OEM. Some brands are: Industrial, Tristate, Diehl, Weinig, and Leadermac.

Motor Redesigning

Increase HP ratings, change voltage, change speed, and efficiency enhancements.

Brush Plating

On very special repair options, nickel and bronze can be plated to the surface of shafting bringing undersizing up to tolerances. 

Heavy Lifting

Let us do the heavy lifting. 2-ton bridge crane on site for easy loading and unloading.

Electrical Testing

On-site and in-house surge testing of electric motor windings with Baker Surge Tester ST106S.

Motor rewinding

Fractional to 600 HP.

Machine Work

Complete precision machine shop with large and small capacities for lathe and mill. Our machine shop also offers light fabrication and manufacturing, welding, reproduction casting, engineering, and press work. 


We offer dynamic balancing in shop or on site.


Submersible and eversible motor and pump repair, sewage handling equipment and pumps.

Burn out & Bake ovens

Large capacity reclaiming with mandatory core loss testing on all stators and rotors prior to rewinding. Bake ovens with large capacity and 3 hour cure times using Dolphs 346A varnish.

AC-DC Repair

All single-phase and three-phase motors and apparatus; all DC motors and generators with Amplidyne Control.

Vibration Testing

On-site or in-house vibration testing with Fluke 810 vibration tester. Trending available and compatible with most PM programs.

Pump Rebuilding

From spa pumps to line shaft vertical turbine pumps to large centrifugals.

Metal Spraying

A very good option for building up worn bearing journals and housings.

Gear Box Repair

Complete rebuilding including OEM gear replacement and some custom manufacturing for obsolete units.


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